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In order to register, please provide us with all of the required information.
Once you are registered, an automated email will be sent to you, confirming your registration has been approved. Please note that you will not be able to use the login and password until your registration will be reviewed and approved. To ensure approval of registration, please provide us with valid information such as your email and phone numbers.


In order to use "BUY NOW" and "BID NOW", you have to place a deposit on your account. The minimum deposit amount is $500 or 10% from the "BID NOW/BUY NOW" amount.
We require deposit to ensure that you are making sincere and truthful "BID NOW" or "BUY NOW".
You can make a deposit in the "FINANCE" section of "PROFILE" page by clicking "Make a Payment" and choosing your method of payment. Deposit can be made using Skrill. If you, for any reason do not wish to use Skrill you have the option to make a bank wire transfer. You can find our bank wire instructions in your user's profile, or by requesting it by email (
Please include your name or the dealer number in the description when sending a deposit, so we could properly credit your account.
All bank wire transfers will be refunded upon your request. In your "PROFILE" page, the bottom right you will see the link "Refund Payment", please follow the link and instructions so that we could process your refund. Transfer time for the bank wire transfer is 5-7 business days. Please note we will deduct a bank wire fees of no more than $50 per refund if made by bank wire transfer. All credit card transactions will be refunded within 5 business days upon request of the customer. In your "PROFILE" page, the bottom right you will see the link "Refund Payment", please follow the link and instructions so that we could process your refund. Please note we will deduct $0.35 (35 cents) + 3.8% of the amount as a refund transaction fee for every credit card refund. 
If your "BID NOW" or "BUY NOW" was not successful, your deposit can be used towards the next "BID / BUY NOW" or can be refunded to you upon your request.


Ways of Purchasing a Car:


THE BID NOW OPTION: Whatever bidding you see and whatever bids you are submitting through our website is PRE bidding. For example you can place your maximum bid as $10,000 and if your bid was the highest bid of the PRE bidding round your bid will be submitted at the live sale. If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale and meets the seller reserve then you are the winner. If the seller reserve price is lower than your maximum bid and no one outbid you during the live sale then you can win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid. Remember if your maximum bid is $10,000 you can potentially win the vehicle for less than your maximum bid, assuming that it is greater than any other bids and seller reserve price is met.
Please note, if you are the highest bidder during the live sale and reserve has not been met the vehicle can still be sold to you on seller’s approval.


THE BUY NOW OPTION: Vehicles with the "BUY NOW" option can be purchased at the indicated price with the click of a button. As soon as you receive an email with confirmation of the purchase the vehicle is yours. *Every auction vehicle has an auction fee. Prior to bidding please check the Auction Fee Calculator.


All payments must be received no later than 3 days after the sale date. US Dollars are the only acceptable currency for payments.
Full payments for successful purchases must be sent by bank wire transfer. We offer financing to some major destinations, please contact us for more information on financing.  You can get the financing pricing quote by clicking on the "Financing Calculator" button.


As soon as your full payment for the purchased vehicle cleared on our bank account, we will start the shipping process. Your car will be picked up and delivered to one of the exit ports in USA or Canada.You can request additional pictures of your car from the port. We will handle all of the documentation in USA or Canada. Original title will be sent to USA or Canada Customs, cleared and will be sent to you by express courier mail services (DHL, FEDEX or TNT). You will be notified about the date of the arrival, by email or a phone call. You will need to have your Identification and Original Title with you when receiving the car in your home port.

FEES registration is free. However we charge $195 for each car priced AT $3000 or LESS and $295 for each car priced for MORE THAN $3000. We also charge $70 Documentation Fee; this fee includes express mail services of original title to your destination.
Late fees of $50 or 0.125% per day will be applied to all unpaid purchased cars. If we do not receive the payment or confirmation of the payment for 5 days after the purchase, your car will be relisted and a minimum fee of $400 or 10% from the bid amount will be charged and/or your car will be put up for sale and all the costs that will be applicable to a resale of the vehicle will be billed towards your deposit.
Please note that maximum deposit can be made by using Slkrill only up to $2500, in case if your total Skrill deposit is higher than $2500 you will be charged transaction fee of 3.8%. Please note that the maximum Credit Card deposit should NOT exceed $2500.
Full payments for successful purchases must be sent by bank wire transfer.

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You must complete the form in English. Due to some email server incompatibility we recommend you to use one of the 3 email services for registration: YAHOO, GMAIL or HOTMAIL. If you provide incorrect information during the registration process, your registration will not be approved. As a result, most of the website's features will not be accessible to you.

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