Vehicle pick up: The process of vehicle transportation to the warehouse or port will begin as soon as the vehicle and freight are paid for. An Auction Export representative will verify the vehicle and the title/ownership are ready for pick up and a vehicle will be dispatched to the location.
Note: All vehicles are insured during ground transportation and are picked up by a flat bed or tow truck. Auction Export uses qualified drivers approved and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Auction Vehicles: If the vehicle is purchased from an auction the selling party has up to 30 days to turn in the title/ownership for the vehicle. This can cause significant delays for the shipping process as the vehicle will not be picked up until the title/ownership is present. Please ask an Auction Lynk representative if the vehicle title/ownership is present prior to purchase to avoid this delay.
Overground Delivery duration: Certain areas of the U.S.A. have a seasonal or yearly low traffic volume increasing the amount of time elapsed between vehicle purchase and delivery to the warehouse or port. States with low traffic volume include, but are not limited to, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Delays can also occur due to bad weather conditions in the winter months. Please note that other potential delays can occur from truck breakdowns which are rare but unavoidable.
Snowbird Effect: During the pre-winter months of October and December many retirees move their cars and furniture to Florida to spend the winter in a warmer climate. This limits the amount of empty trucks moving South along the Eastern shore of the U.S.A. To ports in Georgia and Florida causing the potential delays for vehicle delivery to ports and warehouses. This trend is reversed in the pre-summer months.
Port Delays: Please be aware that delays can sometimes occur during the winter months when the ports are closed or there is lack of available containers due to bad weather conditions.
Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays with documentation are not uncommon. When shipping RORO there may be delays due to the large volume the shipping line is experiencing, in this case, the vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.


Container Shipping: Your vehicle will be delivered to an AuctionLynk warehouse in NJ, GA, TX, CA or for Canadian shipments Toronto, ON, Montreal QC. A 40ft container can hold up to 5 vehicles and if you are shipping a full container load the container will be loaded upon vehicles arrival at the warehouse. You will be provided with a container number which you can use to get an updated position of your cargo. If you are shipping a single vehicle then it will be consolidated into a container with other vehicles and loaded as soon as all the vehicles arrive at the warehouse. When the container is loaded it will be transported to the port and loaded onto a vessel the following week.
RORO: Your vehicle will be delivered directly to the exit port in NJ, MD, GA, FL, TX, CA or Halifax Nova Scotia for Canadian shipments. When the vehicle arrives to the port the title/ownership and accompanying documents are submitted to U.S. Customs. Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays are not uncommon. The vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.
Nigeria: Most RORO vehicles to Nigeria are shipped with Grimaldi/ACL. Grimaldi has a first come first serve policy and it is not uncommon for a vehicle to miss the first available vessel due to a lineup cars already waiting at the port. Our Nigerian clients prefer the use of Grimaldi due to its unrivaled safety and easy receipt of their vehicle in Lagos where Grimaldi has its own terminal.


Container: When shipping a full container load the container will be released to the consignee provided. When shipping a less than full container load the container will be assigned to a destination agent who will de-consolidate the cargo to the respective consignees.
RORO: The consignee will receive the vehicle at the port using the Original Bill of Lading or Telex release.
Documents: The title and OBL will be sent via express courier to the consignee as soon as they are received from the U.S. Customs.
Please note that AuctionLynk does not provide customs clearance services at the destination country and it is the client's responsibility to clear their cargo.


Also known as land transportation, is used to haul vehicles from its current pick up location to either exit warehouse or exit port. Vehicles are transported on flat beds, open trailers or enclosed trucks. It all depends on what the client prefers and is willing to pay, since enclosed trucks usually have a higher cost. All of our trucks offer ground insurance in case of certain incidents, but we also offer additional insurance at an additional cost.
Mostly known as the roll-on/roll-off shipping method, this service is highly used mainly for its simplicity and fast handling operation.
How it works: All type of wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trucks; trailers, etc are driven on and off the ship. These ships are designed to load this type of self-propelled, towable or forklift cargo.
RORO: The majority of countries offer the regular RORO service, but some destinations offer: RORO towable and forklift service for an additional charge. Please note it does not include ocean insurance.
Containers have standardized (fixed) dimensions. You can usually find the most common sizes: 20', 40', 40'HC (high cube), 45', 48' and 53' available from all exit ports, but some shipping lines may not offer all sizes to specific destinations.
How it works: Our certified drivers will pick up your vehicle from its current location and deliver it to our exit warehouse. Once the vehicle arrives, pictures will be taken and uploaded on your profile. Depending on the shipping option chosen, your vehicle will be loaded either by container consolidation towards our clearing agent as soon as more of our other client's vehicles are ready. Or we will wait on the rest of your vehicles to arrive in the case you are doing your own container. Usually vehicles are loaded in a 40' with 3 more cars aside from yours. Making it a 40' with 4 cars.
Have you ever thought on having your car in less than two weeks transit time? Our air shipping service can assist you with that!
How it works: Our shipping department will provide you first with a quote and possible scheduled routes for the flight. Once confirmed, one of our licensed drivers will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the exit airport. Please note that we also offer enclosed truck service at an additional cost per client's request. Once the vehicle is at the exit port, the airline will confirm the flight # after your car has cleared customs and we will provide you with all tracking information when your car is on route.

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